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How to spot an Authentic Louis Vuitton Padlock

Tuesday, 09 July 2019

Spotting a fake Louis Vuitton Lock can be difficult as this brand is the most counterfeited in the world. I have put it a mini guide whit the most important points to show you how I authenticate this lock on a daily basis.

I will focus on a few small details concerning Louis Vuitton Lock. These specific points should be used in conjunction with all our LV guidelines. Doing so will help you develop the skills needed to quickly identify a fake and avoid being ripped off.

Louis Vuitton padlock with keys


padlock front

The logo is clearly defined as picture shows.


Louis Vuitton padlock with keys

The main stamp on the back is the most important to authenticate, it can easily allow you to determinate that a padlock is fake or real.

Louis Vuitton padlocks have 3 stamps for the back:

(R)-Louis Vuitton-Paris-Made in France
(R)Louis Vuitton Made in France
(R)Louis Vuitton Paris
if you find a Louis Vuitton made in Paris is means that the padlock is fake, made is always followed by the country, not the city.

Curiosity: the padlocks that have engraved made in France are the oldest one. the vintage included. The newest ones dropped off the made in France because Louis Vuitton started making their bags in different countries outside Frane, hence maybe the confusion of the origin of the bags ( made in France, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany)



The image below displays an etching marked a specific number. All padlocks have a number on the bottom, 3XX if were made before 2009 and 4xx if were made after 2009( I bought a replacement padlock brand new in Agust of 2018 and the number was 303 so probably they are starting from 301 all over again). this number refers to the key and doesn’t refer to the size of the padlock, all of them have the same size.

This is another tiny detail often overlooked when purchasing pre-owned bags. At the moment the most counterfeit padlock has the number ‘448’ you should be really careful when you see this number.


Quality of the stamp: the Louis Vuitton logo is clear and crips with the ™ symbol centred between the left prong of the U and V in Vuitton. One of the most notable details in the Louis Vuitton stamp is the font it uses. It has a perfectly round and wide O, in Vuitton. The L has an especially short tail and the two Ts in Vuitton almost touch. The letter of the country in which the bag was made should be a capital letter

Size: W 0.8 ” x H 1.6 / W 2.1 x H 4.1 cm, size is standard.

Colour: Padlocks tend to age as the silver jewellery and tend to have a more matte finish with years and not extremally mirror looking.

5. KEY

The key has engraved a number 3xx or 4xx on the front and on the back doesn’t have any engraved.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-guide!


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