Promote your boutique

  • You can promote your boutique to get a place on our Vintage Hub, New Brands Hub or gender homepage.
  • Once you confirm your promotion you are unable to change or cancel it.
  • The cost of the promotion will be added to your monthly invoice.

Promote your boutique here

Location of Promotion Duration Cost
Homepage - Women24hrs£6
Homepage - Men24hrs£6
Boutique Directory24hrs£4

Sales and Events

ASOS Marketplace has site-wide sales a couple of times a year and dedicated promotional events (e.g. 25% off dresses) most months. You will be alerted by email when we have an upcoming sale or event or can keep an eye on our Sale section for upcoming dates. A few days before we hold a sale or event you will be able to add items to it by going to My Marketplace > Manage Items and selecting a sale discount for applicable item.

When you add an item to our sale or event it will automatically be discounted to the lower price when our sale or event begins. Items will then be placed in to our Sale/Event category. You can remove an item’s discount at any point. When the sale or event ends your items will then be put back to their original price.

Discount promo codes only work on the original list price and cannot be applied to the discounted rate.

Promo Codes – how to use ‘em!

You can send out your promo codes to whomever you like, however you like – but we’ve rounded up a few tips and suggestions just in case you need a little promo inspiration.

  • Discount items that are currently trending.
  • Reward returning customers by creating a promo code to send out with your orders.
  • Create a code especially for people in your social networks. You could send a code to anyone who re-tweets your link or shares something on Facebook.
  • Why not try approaching your favourite blogs with a discount code especially for their readers in exchange for a little coverage on their site.
  • We know a lot of you also sell at vintage/craft fairs, or new designer markets – why not create a code for anyone you meet at these events. Put it on any flyers or business cards you hand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a promo code?

Log in to your account, go to the Promote tab under My Account and select Create a Promo Code. Go through each step on the page then click Create this promo code - simple!

How many times can a Promo Code be used?

You can specify how many times a promo code can be used when you create your code. Choose between one use, multiple use or unlimited uses. NOTE: this refers to the TOTAL uses of the coupon, not the uses per person.

How do i distribute Promo Codes?

You have 2 options - keep your promo code private and send out to specific users by message or in an order, or make your promo code public. Public Promo Codes, when active, will appear on your product pages and will be visible to all users. You may only make one promo code public at a time.

Can I delete a Promo Code?

Yep, you can deactivate or delete promo codes at any time. If you think you will want to use that Promo code again, deactivate it. If you delete a promo code entirely, you’ll have to create the code again from scratch.

Why does my public promo code not appear on some items?

When you create a public promo code the discount message will appear on all of your product pages, with the exception of products listed within the last 7 days. This is to comply with the UK's Pricing Practice Guidelines. Don't worry though, once your items are listed for longer than 7 days, they'll automatically display any active public code you have.